Sort Out Your Debt

A really short and sweet post today as, if you’re reading this and need help, i’d rather you went and got the help.

Debt is such a common thing. It’s easy to fall into debt with misjudged choices or after a relationship ends. But you don’t need to bury your head in the ground or sit and suffer in silence. There is FREE help out there.

Citizens Advice | StepChange | National Debtline | CAPuk

The above links are to 4 places you can get free advice and help to managing your debt & ultimately getting out of debt. They are national charities and organisations who can really help. I know it can be hard to admit you need help but be brave and take the first step by calling them.

If you’ve been struggling with debt for a while and feel like it’s all never going to get better, make this year the year you set the ball rolling. Contact those places above and they will help you. Do it now!

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